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Based on 129 reviews
Guud one

Cool gel

I am in love with this one

Really pleased with this product. Non greasy and really gentle.
Love the subtle fragrance in it !


Very good product - never had a skin irritation since using it

Fixing Pomade

One of the great product ,good smelll , strong hold all day long. Easy to wash off and left for smooth hair

Great pomade

Great pomade smells amazing too

Excellent product

highly recommended

Eye cream

3rd purchase so I must think it’s good

Many thanks for your review. We are delighted that you love our Eye Cream. We are just about to launch a repackaged version of exactly the same cream - due to launch on 21st May. We think you'l like the changes! Thank you again.
Damion barber original pomade

Product overall is a really good item service was great aswell only issue I have is the product starts to dry quite quick whilst applying your hair starts to harden before finishing of styling other then that quantity and definitely value for money

Fixing pomade

A great product that works really well for me. I apply it after drying my hair.
Also great service.

Hi Bryn, Many thanks for taking the time to review our Fixing Pomade. We really appreciate your feedback. Best wishes, Daimon Barber
Texture clay

Great product fast delivery

Very Good

Very Good product will buy again

Best water based clay out there

I've tried most brands, Imperial, Kevin Murphy, Reuzel, Blumaan, Admiral Teddy boy, Lockharrts, Uppercut Deluxe ( none of which are British made ) but none of them have the specialties of Daimon Barber. My hair is thick coarse and hard to manage but adding this to damp hair controls it perfect. The scent is perfect and it washes out with water. I also love the fact that all the ingredients are sourced from the UK and made here.

Hi Nathan, Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review of our Texture Clay. We are really proud of our UK ingredients and production and work hard to ensure that we always source the highest quality ingredients. It's really great to hear such positive feedback. We truly appreciate it. Daimon Barber
Superb Clay - One of the best I’ve used..

I’ve used a lot of products from a lot brands including Hanz de Fuko... This is way way better... Between this and the fixing pomade - all my product needs are sorted !

Only one suggestion - Of this could be scented like the Fixing Pomade - with Oudh and Egyptian Mallow - That’d make it unbeatable

Hi Dushyant, Many thanks for your great review and we too LOVE our Oudh and Egyptian Mallow fragrance.. Have you tried our Beard & Stubble Softener? It has the same great fragrance as the Fixing Pomade and lasts all day. A personal favourite here at DB HQ :)
Nice Product

-easy to use
-holds all day
-nice smell
-nice feel

A really nice pomade

First product bought from Daimon Barber. I really liked the Fixing Pomade.
Very easy application. It has a gel type feel rather than a tradition pomade. Left my hair with a nice tecture and a lovely scent. Easy to wash out too.


I decide to give Forming Cream a try since It claims it hydrates the hair. I’m afraid this product does the complete opposite leaving my hair extremely dry. I tried it on dry, damp and wet hair. I’m very disappointed.

HI Sal, Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review of our Fixing Pomade and Forming Cream. It's really great to hear your thoughts on both products and we appreciate all feedback. We are sorry to hear that the Forming Cream didn't suit you - if you want to get in touch with us we would be more than happy to swap this for you to another product which might suit your hair type more. Email us at and we'll get on it! Thanks again, Daimon Barber
Very good

Very good hair product.


A bit of context first. I'm 43, over 20 years of shaving. Very sensitive and oily skin. Very acne prone. I had tried other exfoliants before, never one was entirely satisfying. Actually stuck to a main stream one which I used only on beard areas and only before shaving.
Enter Daimon Barber exfoliating cleanser. Included it on my shaving routine, two to three times a week, only on shave areas first. Great smell, smooth, close shave - was impressed. Then I tried to extend to the rest of the face, where it's usually problematic. Found that I really must follow instructions, to gently massage, lol. But then the product really glowed. I now have a better and more uniform complexion, I'm less acne prone and it's been a confidence boost. Great product, will continue to use, highly recommend it. Will get the shave cream and AS balm too. Please do something for ingrown hairs as well?

Hi Rodrigo, Many thanks for taking the time to leave such a great, comprehensive review. We really appreciate hearing customer comments and are really interested on tips on how you use the product. We would be really keen to hear our feedback on our shave cream and post shave balm if you get around to buying these. Many thanks again. We truly appreciate it.

Fixing Pomade

Great products and wonderful service

Very impressive. Nicely packaged, at first glance these fantastic products already appear timeless classics, steeped in cool class. The shaving cream and hair wax are truly wonderful and smell great whilst performing highly effectively.

Backed up by superb communication, speedy delivery and excellent customer service, Daimon Barber is somewhat of a game charger in an age of a shaving renaissance. Website is a bit good too.

Subtle sophistication

In a world of brash, crude hair products which look like the effulgent sludge from Ghostbusters and leaves hair feeling like candy floss, this pomade exudes a sleek, subtle sophistication. The smell is refined, exotic but masculine and the hold is sufficient without brittleness. The pomade leaves my hair feeling sleek, a pleasure for running through fingers, and the packaging is elegant. I recommend it whole headedly.


Texture Clay


Great product, had a little delay arriving to me in Italy (14 days) but the pomade is amazing, great sent, non sticky and very strong, love it!


Texture Clay

Pomade world traveller set

Great range of pomades. Ideal for travelling but also handy to keep at work.


Original Pomade

Excellent Product

I purchased this product as a consequence of trying a sample earlier in the year. It is light,easy to apply and holds well. I would have preferred a little more shine but that is more likely to be something about my hair rather than the product. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance and a little goes a long way. Overall an excellent product!


Produit super efficace! Et quel parfum!!

Best razor out there

Another superb product from Daimon Barber. I’ve tried many razors & this gives the closest shave, without nicks, that I’ve tested so far.
Their hair gels & facial creams are also the best out there in my opinion, plus they come in really cool packaging.
5 stars from me!!

HI Chris, great to hear that you are enjoying using the new razor. It's a new addition to the Daimon Barber line so your feedback is really helpful. Thanks!
Baby soft

I used this particularly on my nose and forehead. I noticed immediate results on my nose ie removal of black heads and unsightly bumbs and spots. It reminded me of the miraculous effects that that Dead Sea products had on my skin. It left a healthy glow and noteabke smoothness. Thanks DB.

Hi Franco, glad to hear that you are using the Exfoliator to good effect. It contains natural small pumice particles so is not too harsh on the skin. Best to use 2-3 times a week to sort out any dead skin cells. Thanks!
Sorts you out in the morning

A lovely combination of smells that linger on your skin throughout the day, unlike other moisturisers that leave you before you leave the doorstep. Doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy but moisturised and, interestingly, wrinkle free. Keep up the good work.

Hi Francis, glad you are enjoying the PS Balm. Thanks fro the feedback!
Better than the rest

I started with your tradition Gillette Mach range; it cost a fortune, the blades could manage 3 or 4 shaves before a change and the shave was poor. I then tried the cut-throat blade and nearly ended myself and still have the scar to prove it. I then went to Merkur single blade. It has been proven to be the best razor in the business and the single blades are cheap and easy to use. The Art of Manliness quote ‘Merkur’ to be the best and have been the best for the past 100 years. But I repeatedly cut myself. Without fail. The Adam’s apple and the space between the chin and lip were always cut. Daimon Barber have somehow created a razor that is of multiple blades but has the effect of a single blade but without the cuts. I’ve been using the same blade for 3 months 3 times a week and haven’t been cut once. And the shave is similar to a cut-throat shave. Hats off!

Hi Franco. Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of decent razor systems out there (and a few highly publicised ones which are not so clever!) so it's great to hear that our is performing well for you. I think the weight of the handle and the rubber grip make it easy to use and the blades last well. Thanks!
Razor stand

5 stars because it does what it says on the tin - keeps your razor upright. Worth a few quid to keep your blades in good nick.

Great shaving experience

This razor set is really nice. I like to fact that it has a decent weight and balance to the handle and the blades deliver a really good, close shave. Value for money is decent as it stacks up well against the Gillette Sensor Excel (which I have previously used for many years) so I will continue to use for now.

Thanks for the feedback Stephen, glad you like it!
One of my favourite clays

Firstly, this clay has the best scent out of all the clays I own, and you can catch whiffs of it throughout the day. When applied on damp hair and left to dry it feels like it firms up a bit which is great for when I go for formal styles with a vented brush and works just as great going for textured styles by running your fingers through your hair after applying on damp and letting it dry or by applying straight to dry hair. I find that it does have a little bit of tug and pull when applied on dry hair but nothing too extreme. Depending how much I use, I can get a medium to firm hold.


This is one of the best selection in the summer. It is scooped out really easy like gel, when it’s applied in your hair creating tons of texture, easy to form your style within 2-3 scoops (for me just 2 scoops). The scent is smooth cologne and really fresh. Wash out really easy like other wb. The best thing is it’s giving you a lot of texture and control and of course it wont harden up


One of my favorites from the line. This pomade applies effortlessly, has a formidable shine, and doesn’t get super duper crunchy like other gel pomades. Also, this product totes one of the best scents in any male grooming product period. It rinses out with just water, so no nasty buildup or anything of that sort!


This is a great option for those who want to set it and forget it after styling in the morning. The scent is an unbeatable, fresh cologne type of aroma and it will wash right out of the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. All in all, you can't go wrong. Definitely a good one for those that want a product that sets up without turning into an absolute helmet head.

A+ Clay

This clay gives you the best of all worlds. It’s got an easy scoop and breakdown, and the application has minimal tug. The Hold is definitely firm without feeling like it’s weighing your hair down, and it’s got some really nice texture. Easy to see why it’s one of their flagship products.

My Current Go To

My current go to product. Washes out very easily but gives my coarse straight hair the hold I need throughout the day. I am currently on my second jar.


Great, great clay. I have thinner hair and this product gives my hair some great body and texture, and this all helps my hair look much fuller. Nice matte finish to this and great scent. Scooping, breakdown, application, and styling with this clay was awesome, didn't give me any problems at all. A must-try if you're a fan of clays!

Perfect for daily use

This clay is perfect for daily use! It’s perfectly textured, and easy to apply. Washes out with just water, and it’s hold is a true firm. Very much worth the price tag.

First Daimon Barber Product. Will not be the last

I have been using Pomades and clays for a couple of years now. I have been reading about the Daimon Barber products and how they nourish the hair. I like firm OWB products and now with Clays coming out in firm, I thought I'd go for the Textured Clay from Daimon Barber. Best move I've made in quote a while. The application is smooth. No tug or pull. I've been dialing in the amount and think I have 2.5 scoops as the right level for me. It takes about 30 minutes for the clay to settle in and wow, what a treat to not have to not muss about my hair all day. I'm not one of those "run my fingers through my hair people. I like to set and forget. Well this product does that for me. I'll be back to try more of there product very soon.

The Best Water Based Clay

I absolutely love this stuff. I've never had a bad experience with any of the Daimon Barber products, and this one is no exception. It goes in creamy, gives a dry finish without drying out the hair, and washes right out with water without drying out the hair either. It's all the best of a dry product without the actual dryness. Hair healthy water-based clay. I highly recommend this stuff.

One of the best clays in the game!

I love this product. It has a great hold and matte finish. It will give excellent volume and texture if that's what your looking for. Don't pass up on this one.

Great Clay! If used correctly.

Daimon Barber's Texture Clay is quite a good Clay but I found that in my thick hair it was quite dry I experienced some tug and pull but would loosen up as I would continue to style. Said style would feel a bit dry in the beginning but would ease up as the day went by. I think this Clay is better in combination with a tonic or cream prestyler to help ease the tug and pull, reduce the dryness and add some hair healthy ingredients back into your hair!

Nice texture clay

The texture clay is a nice water based clay. Creamy breakdown and application, did not experience much tug and pull as others have said. If you're looking for a dry, firm holding clay with coarse texture give this one a shot. Worked best for me in blowdried hair. The scent is great as well.

Great clay!

I love this clay a lot. It has great hold for all day and doesn't hurt to apply or to style with. Plus the scent is fantastic!!

Top notch clay

The Daimon Barber Texture Clay had been on my radar for a while and I finally took the plunge after watching The Pomp's Youtube review on it. First off, I really liked the classy design of the jar and label. Scooping the product out was effortless, unlike many other salon clay products out there that were either really hard and/or dry. Beautiful neutral to matte finish on my hair with a nice medium-firm hold (I have thick, wavy hair). While it dries out pretty quickly upon application, it does not make my hair feel overly dry or sticky in any way. The best thing about this product is the scent. I had no idea what to expect just by reading the item description alone but the scent really blew me away. It is fresh, masculine and not overpowering in any way. If you are still undecided on this, I would highly recommend that you give it a go.

Not the Best, But Not the Worst

I’m a big lover of clay, and given the great reputation Daimon Berber products has it was a no brainer to give the texture clay a go. I had heard good things about the scent (which is a big selling point for me), and the price was good, so far so good. When it came though I was disappointed not to get a much of a smell from the scent, although what I did get was nice. Unfortunately the performance was what really let it down. I tried styling it as per the instructions, but no matter how I put it in it dried out quite quickly and didn’t allow you much time to style and when it was on it made my hair feel very dry and straw like. It is definitely a matte product that’s for sure.