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Based on 225 reviews
Best cream I have ever used

The cream is beyond smooth when it comes to scooping out and applying. When used as a pre-styler (applied on damp hair + blowdrying), it provides a great volume along with a featherweight feeling on my hair while nourishes it amazingly. I had the cream in my hair when I went for a swim, my hair never felt this way with any other products after I got out of the pool. The cream has a light-medium hold depends on the type of hair, I guess since my hair is rather thick it falls a bit short comparing to a true medium hold. The incredible scent makes up for the hold as this is truly one of the top 3 scents I have ever experienced on a hair products (I tried nothing short of 40 different jars before). If Daimon Barber decides to make a fragrance out of this scent, which I hope that they will, I will certainly buy a full bottle in a heartbeat. A premium product from a truly premium brand.

Love it

I tried this product alongside the clay, and found that this was (for me) far better. It gave me an amazing sleek, but textured look. It was super light weight, but still was bouncing with height, hold and texture. Definitely going to be looking into buying a full size jar of this when I can! :)


Day & Night Face Serum

The BEST there is!

My hair loves this stuff! Smells amazing too :)

Revitalising Moisturiser

While the packaging may have changed the product is as good as ever

Fixing pomade

Excellent product smells really nice good hold and excellent delivery service. Would be nice if they had a beard product that smells like this.

Great stuff!

I spray about 6 puffs on my towel-dry, medium length hair, then comb through & leave to dry. Later, I run my fingers through & it really does add natural looking volume & texture. It also smells really nice, sort of fruity. Not cheap though, hence 4 stars but you get what you pay for in life!

Best there is!

Best Product on the MARKET!

Top notch

I thought I would try and add a new product to my daily skin range . It has made a really difference to my skin and helps with shaving as well, the smell is amazing as well and it has the Diamon Barbers signature smell in the serum which is very masculine!! Keep up the good work.

Great Product

Have used this for a few months now - it keeps my beard perfectly soft, prevents any itchiness from it, and keeps it under control. Has a pleasing subtle fragrance too. Its not greasy either which previous oils I have used are.

Top notch

The perfect product with a strong and natural looking hold.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Lewis. Really glad the Clay works well for you. Thanks again!
Fixing pomade

One of the best water based pomade yet, responds to my thick wavy hair really good, as a nice smooth smell, and not forgetting the storage hold.

Many thanks for leaving a review Tyler and great to hear that the Fixing Pomade is working out for you!

Very easy product to apply. Works in the hair really well. Very good hold and it is also easy to wash out too. Pleasant smell and highly recommended!!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Jordan. Much appreciated and glad the clay works well for you!
Top product

Really like Diamon products and they work, nice smell and delivery was good this time.

Thanks for the review Mohammed. Really glad that the products work well for you and that normal service was resumed with the quick delivery. Thanks again!
Awesome, as always

Never used a better hair product in my life, so good. Packaging beautiful too, and the delivery was super fast. Just ace.

Wow, thanks very much for the great review Graham! Glad you like the pomade. For a lot of our customers it is the best smelling product in our line up. Thanks again!
Amazing smell

This product not only does the job but the smell is amazing. It's a great product that works as a pre product for styling but just as good on its own. Even if I'm not styling my clients hair I will always use it to keep the hair smelling amazing with a natural look. This review also goes for texture clay, cream and the pomades! Will be staying with daimon barber

Cheers Sam, it's really good of you to take the time to leave a review. Always great to hear good things from a proper pro!! Thanks again!

That is first class! Many thanks and I look forward to trying the new pomades. I am starting to favor the clay of the other 3! Many thanks again.


Dries out hair

This stuff unfortunately dried out my hair and left it feeling like straw. It also hardens in the hair like a gel which is disappointing. Smells nice.

Many thanks for the review David. It's a shame that the Forming Cream hasn't worked for your hair type in the way you would like. I think you are maybe more of an OB guy! Glad you like the scent.
It's just... Great

43yo, still hair left, going for messy, natural quiff.
Let's start with the easiest. Great packaging, classic and great attention to detail as the lid perfectly evens with the front of your jar. The smell is amazing, although it won't pick a fight with your chosen scent perfume.
The scoop from the jar is smooth as the texture is soft allowing for a simple breakdown in your palm and easily emulsifies when you rub in your hands. After warming it properly, for volume I like to work it from the back to the front with my head tilted down. Then I work it backwards also with my hands. Doing this is easy enough, no tug and pull involved. As the product starts to dry, you will notice the hold. And it will hold – all day. Pliable enough for you to run your hands through your hair, the amount of texture it builds won't let you do that like as if you had no product no…. It's there and you will notice it when you run your hands through. It will allow you to keep your hair as you like it, while giving a natural matte look to it. It will finish with some shine if you apply on damp hair instead of after a blow dryer. As I tend to stay away from the later I usually end up with a little shine. After it dries and as your run your hands the shine will go away – again, mind this only happens on towel dried hair, which I prefer.
Texture clay helps me control the waves in my hair, without having to resort to blow drying or going for those tight looks like a slick back – simply because that's not what I'm going for. Instead it will allow natural separation and look.
I'm going for my fourth jar now, and quite happy with the results. My hair is growing healthy, no weird drying or breakage.
Texture clay also allows for easy rinse from hands and hair, and I don’t feel the need to wash every day so I keep to every other day, with just a rinse between washes.
Again another great product from DB, which I highly recommend.
Pic of me about two weeks before this text. Hair needs a cut

Hey Rodrigo, thanks so much for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive review. I'm delighted that you like the product and that it works so well for you. Thanks again!!
Great product

It is a great product and very easy to wash off with very smooth hair

Appreciate the review thanks Kirati and glad that the clay is leaving your hair in good condition. We try very hard to ensure that our products work really well but also have health benefits for hair and skin. Thanks again!

The Revitalising Moisturiser did it's job kept my face moisturized without being oily and leaving a heavy scent! The smell was subtle and pleasing. The reason why I gave it 4 stars was because the size was a bit small, so I was hoping it to be 3.4 fl oz.

Thanks for leaving a review Win and delighted that you like the product. Because it is packed with expensive active ingredients the price point for a 3.4oz (100ml) variant would be somewhat higher so it is a bit of a balancing act but thanks very much for the feedback nonetheless!

Perfect service, perfect product!

Thanks for the review Mads. Delighted that the clay works well for you too!
Great sampler; too bad 1/2 the samples have been discontinued

I enjoyed trying the different pomades but was disappointed to find out that the 2 I liked “Classic” and “Remedy Wax” had been discontinued. Would be good to only have samples of in production pomades ...5 stars for the sampler minus 2 for the two samples of discontinued pomades.

Many thanks for the review Pattick. As your sample set had discontinued product in it we will arrange for some replacement products to be sent out to you on us (we might even be able to unearth a little Remedy Wax and Classic Pomade for you from the vaults!!) . Glad you enjoyed trying the different pomades though.
Another great product

Really happy with Original Pomade. I have medium length hair which can be on the dry side. Been looking for a hair styling product that moisturises the hair. Original Pomade moisturises and leaves my hair manageable once settled.

The Pomade has a pleasant scent, not overpowering. It’s a little hard but once broken down it applies real easy on the hair.

Thanks for the review Sal. Glad you like it!!
Great Product. Amazing Service

Not only the best product on the the shine, hold and how easy it is to wash out... but backed up with great service. Discount code didn't work but I still went ahead and purchased. They refunded the discount without me even asking!

Hey Matt, thanks for kindly leaving a review. Apologies for the discount code malfunction - not sure why that happened but glad we could put things right quickly. Thanks again for picking up the Original Pomade. We really appreciate your custom!