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Based on 249 reviews

Love the products and fast delivery


One of the best true matte products on the market. Hold leans more towards the medium side of the spectrum for my hair type, and leaves hair feeling thoroughly nourished upon rinsing out. Top, top quality product. And the Egyptian Oudh scent needs to be made into a candle using the same red jar!

Razor stand

First rate products and excellent service.What more could one ask for.

My favorite clay product

I have thick coarse hair. This product gives off a fantastic scent with a lot of depth. Gives me great hold with fantastic amounts of texture. I love rocking a quiff hairstyle with this product.

What a scent!

Another great product which produces a fantastic smell. I like to use it on dry hair for a natural look or use it with the fixing pomade for a a stronger hold.

Great product!

The texture clay gives my hair good definition and smells pleasant too!

All very good but...

I am a huge fan of the clay which is in my opinion by far the best in the market which maintains the delicate balance of hold versus waxiness exceptionally. But I have struggled with the razor blades in contrast to other brands and I cannot understand why - they appear sharper and are not as accurate with the top blade used for fine trimming. I have purchased them this time to have another go but interested if you have any suggestions as to why this is?

Thank you


Is this Daimon Barber I’ve ever known?

For the first time I am disappointed with the packaging of Daimon Barber. The stuff is great as always because I purchased it many times. But the perfection of the jar didn’t come to me today when I unboxing the parcel. The labels on my forming cream jars were put on rather poorly (look at the photo I attached). I’ve known that Daimon Barber is perfectionist in packaging so it’s been bugging me since I got the order. I’m writing it here not for compensation but hopefully Daimon Barber should take care of it for my next order!

Hi Duc, appreciate the review so many thanks for taking the time to leave one. Sorry to hear that your labelling was a little off-kilter on this occasion. We had a difficult decision to make regarding labelling when we decided to move to a 'print-on' jar design. It meant that when the labelling machine applied the cap labels they were not aligned with the design on the side of the jar and that caused those of us with OCD to worry! As a consequence we decided to go the labour intensive route and apply all cap labels by hand. It looks like we were sleeping on the job when yours was applied so I'm really sorry about that! Hopefully most are aligned OK and, most importantly, the product is working well for you! Thanks again Duc!

Nothing else works for me. This is amazing.

Thanks for the kind review. That's great to hear!!

This is my first experience with a spray type of pre styler. The scent is so good, almost smelling like some sort of candy. The performance does add texture, good volume, and a good foundation for post styling. Will order again

Thanks for the kind review and great photo Kain. The mane is looking amazing and you're getting some great volume and texture! Glad the product is working out for you. Thanks again!
The best textured clay ever

The only one my son will use....he says it’s incredible.

Glad your son likes it Amanda. Thanks for letting us know!!
Very good product for the price

Love it I use Morris Motley treatment Styling Balm normally but thought I would try this it’s very good dose not give quite as much hold as mm but that mite just be my long hair

Thanks for the review Andrew. Always good to be mentioned in the same breath as MM TSB as it's a product we really like too! Cheers!
Exemplary product

Fixing Pomade is fantastic! The hold is incredible and will last all day. The scent in this product is phenomenal. I am definitely going to get this product again once I run out.

Really nice stuff

I have been using the Original Pomade from back when it was known as Number 1. It holds well, has a nice shine, washes out easily and smells great - what more do you want? Oh - and also it isn't full of parabens.

Wow, that's got to be 3 or 4 years now! Really good to hear that you are still enjoying using it. Thanks for the review David!
Best water based on the market

I love this stuff. Easy to apply, smells delicious, holds the hair all day without hardening too much.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Rasmus, it's much appreciated. Glad you are liking the Original Pomade!
Great product to complement the blade

Another great product to complement the razor.. sits perfect in the stand... definately worth adding to the shopping basket with the razor

Hi Ryan, glad you like the stand. It's a great way to keep your razors upright, dry and clean so they stay sharper for longer. Thanks for the review!
Great products

Essentials for men, i have the full range of face/ shave products and have to say the quality is outstanding!! The scent of the face products is lush too, i always feel fresh after a hot shave and applying all the creams

Thanks for the review Ryan. It's great to hear that the products are working well for you!
High class products

Very quality product for the gentleman, very happy with my purchase

Thanks for the review Ryan. Glad to hear you are enjoying the products!
Eye Formula

I have used your revitalising eye formula for some time now and during that period have never had a single problem with eye irritation or dry skin around my eyes. A very good product.

Thanks for kindly leaving a review James. It's much appreciated and it's great to hear that the Eye Formula is effective for you. It contains a lot of expensive active ingredients so we are really proud of it. Thanks again!

I have alternated between Mach3, safety razor and cut throat blades for a few years but always stuck with Mach3 as the others take a bit of skill! I took a punt on this as thought it’s worth a try as love your shaving cream. Good news is I’m a happy bunny that I took the punt as I’ve now been using this for a week and it gives me a closer shave than the Mach3. 1st go was tricky as not used to a 5 blade cartridge but once I got used to I’m now enjoying it. I do have a thick stubble and I do prefer the close shave look on a daily basis and i do 3 passes on my face so in my reckoning 1 cartridge has lasted 1 week so far with no loss in quality in dealing with my stubble compared to a Mach3 blade which lasts 3 days so overall I’m impressed and converted :D

Many thanks for the positive review Bryan. It's tough converting men to using a new razor system when they have used a particular brand for a long time but we think we have produced something that is really effective so we hope to see more guys enjoying a Daimon Barber shave soon. It's great to hear that it is working out well for you!
Great option for curly hair

This is now one of my favourite products to use. The scent is sweet but not cloyingly so and the product is super easy to scoop out and apply. As someone with curly hair that gets a bit dry and frizzy towards the front of my head, this pomade does a great job of adding enough shine and moisture to make my hair look healthy and more controlled without actually drying out as some other water-based products have done. It also does actually make my hair feel soft (as long as you don't add too much, in which case it will become a little hard to the touch) and is a dream to rinse out with water. This pomade is a bit on the pricey side but I think it's worth it.

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review Li. Glad you are enjoying the product!
Great product

Cooling and hydrating, really nice

Many thanks for your custom and kind review Adam!
Incredible scent and volume

The only thing I have to struggle with while using this tonic is trying not to spray too much. The scent is highly addictive, especially for someone who loves woodsy notes. It gives the hair a huge boost when it comes to volume and texture. Would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for the great review Lex!
Texture tonic

After using the texture tonic 3 days in a row made a greasy build up. I washed my hair 4 times in a row and I still couldn’t remove the greasy build up in my hair. I will never buy this product again.

Many thanks for leaving a review Tracey. I'm not sure if you are cocktailing the Texture Tonic with any other products or perhaps using with some other oil based products? We use the Tonic regularly ourselves and haven't experienced the greasiness that you have and it is not somethingt hat we have heard from any other customers either so we're really sorry to hear about that.
Best cream I have ever used

The cream is beyond smooth when it comes to scooping out and applying. When used as a pre-styler (applied on damp hair + blowdrying), it provides a great volume along with a featherweight feeling on my hair while nourishes it amazingly. I had the cream in my hair when I went for a swim, my hair never felt this way with any other products after I got out of the pool. The cream has a light-medium hold depends on the type of hair, I guess since my hair is rather thick it falls a bit short comparing to a true medium hold. The incredible scent makes up for the hold as this is truly one of the top 3 scents I have ever experienced on a hair products (I tried nothing short of 40 different jars before). If Daimon Barber decides to make a fragrance out of this scent, which I hope that they will, I will certainly buy a full bottle in a heartbeat. A premium product from a truly premium brand.

Many thanks for taking the time to leave such a comprehensive review Lex, it's much appreciated!